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Postage Stamp Model B-314 Pan Am Yankee Clipper

Diecast Model with Stand 1/350 Scale
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The Boeing 314 Clipper was a long-range flying boat made by the Boeing Airplane Company and operated by Pan American World Airways from 1939-1946. The 314 used a series of thick ribs and spars to create a robust fuselage and cantilevered wing, with no external struts to brace the wings. Boeing also eschewed pontoons and instead built in sponsons into the hull structure for stability while floating in water.

A large aircraft for its day, the B-314 weighed over 40 tons and had a 152 feet wingspan, with an astonishing range of 3,500 miles, enough to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific. Pan Am designed their Clippers for luxury air travel; the B-314 could carry 74 passengers and 10 crew, although in overnight sleeper configuration, the ship accommodated 36 passengers in seven luxurious compartments, complete with lounge and dining area. Big, safe, and luxurious, the 314 was the apex of flying boat technology, and Pan Am made it the finest way to fly.
Over the course of their careers, the B-314's operated by Pan Am made approximately 5,000 ocean crossings and flew more than 12.5 million miles, including in military service during World War II.

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