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Pan Am 707 Tail Fin Globe Key Ring

Pan American Tail Fin Globe Key Ring
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A generation may well remember their first trip overseas on a Boeing aircraft decorated with the iconic blue & white Pan Am Globe logo gracing the tail fin. Carry Pan Am history with you with this key ring crafted from the tail fin of Pan Am N880PA.

Product Details
Pan Am's Globe logo art, affectionately called the "blue meatball" was used by Pan Am from 1957 - 1991. This keychain is crafted from the iconic section of a Pan Am 707 tail fin.

The clean, modern look is achieved by cutting the tail fin aluminum into strips and mounting to a cherry wood base which is engraved "Pan Am Boeing 707 Tail Fin". The tail fin is engraved with the Pan Am logo.

Material also may also have some "wear and tear" due to use and age.

Gift boxed and ready for departure.

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