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Plane Tag Beechcraft Bonanza G35 - Red

Handmade Aviation Plane Tag resurrected from the skin of retired aircraft
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Celebrate general aviation and the many pilots who have relied upon private aircraft such as the Beechcraft G35 Bonanza to work and improve their lives. From the early days of aviation, throughout the post war years and into the 21st century, aircraft like the Beechcraft G35 brought the practice of using personal planes to conduct business into the reach of average citizens. These planes played a major role in furthering aerial operations like firefighting, mail delivery, and farming, as well as forming new industries like air taxis and commuter aviation operators. Generations of 20th century pilots learned to fly in Beechcrafts. Today there are about 591,000 civilian pilots in the U.S. alone, with 70% of them flying general aviation aircraft in a multitude of roles.

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