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How to Read The Menu in France, Italy and Spain

Sold as a set of three in a handy folded wallet, these guides are as discreet as they are useful; the next best thing to having your own interpreter.
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At just 24 pages each, and no bigger than a credit card, these three books are an easy guide through the complexity and potential confusion of dining in France, Italy and Spain. This set of phrase books is designed specifically for use in restaurants; the simple A–Z listing makes it easy to find items that perplex the diner, allowing for navigation around ingredients that offend, disgust or just don’t appeal. Their compact size means there’s none of the embarrassment of referring to a large book and, with everything on the printed page, no data roaming charges to worry about.

* Enough information to help you navigate a tricky menu
* Small enough to keep with your credit card
* Fits in any wallet
* Simple A-Z listing
* Ideal for allergy sufferers
* Rounded corners to prevent dog-ears

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