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Personal Puzzle Tray

Are you looking for an easy way to keep your puzzle contained on the table or tray table? Maybe you need to be able to move it while you are still working on it. Now you can with a puzzle tray.
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We understand how challenging it can be to try and transfer a puzzle when you’re in the middle of putting it together, and we wanted to create a solution. Having a high-quality puzzle board is the perfect way to take your puzzling to the next level.

We took every detail into consideration when creating our jigsaw puzzle trays. A puzzle tray is extremely helpful when trying to place the borders of a puzzle, and is easily transferable if you need to move locations in the middle of putting it together.

On top of all of that, your options on where you can put together your puzzle increase significantly when you have a puzzle tray. Easily assemble your jigsaw puzzle on the carpet, on top of a bed, or on any other soft surface. The possibilities are endless with our Dowdle jigsaw puzzle trays!

SIZE - This 9 ″ ×11 ″ tray fits our Dowdle Personal Puzzles.
DESIGN - Cork-backed tray to minimize sliding and protect surfaces.
PERFECT FIT - You’ll never have to guess where to put the edges of your Dowdle puzzle.
KEEP PIECES CONTAINED - No more pieces falling on the floor and possibly getting lost.
MOVE YOUR PUZZLE - Starting a puzzle in one room and finishing it in another room is easy thanks to its lightweight design.
STORAGE - Easily stores in both flat and upright spaces while occupying minimum space.

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