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Plane Tag Boeing USAir 737-200 Series - Red

Handmade Aviation Plane Tag resurrected from the skin of retired aircraft
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Our 737, as N734N, flew a record-breaking delivery flight to Piedmont Airlines in 1968, from Seattle, WA to Wilmington, NC in four hours, 47 minutes. Christened the Piedmont Pacemaker, N734N began scheduled service in June 1968 as Piedmont’s first 737-200. N734N and its contemporaries helped Piedmont to grow rapidly and expand its East Coast routes, attracting the attention of USAir, who acquired the airline in 1989. After the merger, USAir became one of the largest airlines on the East Coast. N734N was then reregistered as N200AU and continued to fly until its retirement in 1997. After retirement, it languished in the Arizona desert until MotoArt acquired it for PlaneTags in 2022.

The narrow-body, twin-engine Boeing 737 took its first flight in 1967 - and nearly 60 years later is still flying high as one of the most successful airliners ever built. The first 737 was also the last new aircraft to be built at Boeing’s famed Plant 2 - the former production site of the B-17 and B-52 - because the 737 tail was too tall. The 737 was designed for shorter ranges and smaller airports, and could accommodate more passengers with its six-abreast seating or be easily converted for cargo use. The 737-200 featured improved aerodynamics, more powerful engines, higher fuel capacity, and an extended fuselage.

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