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Plane Tag EH-60A Black Hawk Exterior

Handmade Aviation Plane Tag resurrected from the skin of retired aircraft
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The Sikorsky EH-60 Black Hawk is a medium lift utility helicopter, equipped with advanced technology to make it extremely effective in day and night missions, in extreme weather and under the toughest conditions. MotoArt welcomes 87-24659 to the fleet - a Sikorsky EH-60, a variant specifically designed for electronic warfare.

The Sikorsky UH-60A was developed by the U.S. Army as a replacement for the aging UH-1 Huey helicopter. An RFP for a new utility helicopter was issued in the early 1970s. Several helicopter manufacturers submitted proposals, including Sikorsky and rival Boeing-Vertol with the YUH-61A. Sikorsky’s UH-60 won and quickly became a mainstay of the Army’s helicopter fleet. 87-24659 was constructed as an EH-60A in 1987. Although its history remains classified, it was known to have served in the Gulf War.

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