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Plane Tag Protective Sleeve

Protection for your Aviation Treasures!
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Elevate your PlaneTags experience with the PlaneTags Sleeve, the premium protective cover designed to safeguard your aviation collectibles. Precisely crafted to fit like a second skin, PlaneTags Sleeves ensure that your cherished PlaneTags remain pristine, ready to tell their unique stories for years to come.

Durable Defense: PlaneTags Sleeves are engineered from high-quality materials to provide a robust shield for your PlaneTags. Say goodbye to scratches, scuffs, and wear – our protective cover stands guard against the tests of time - and daily use!
Easy Access, Secure Closure: PlaneTags Sleeves are designed for convenience. Easily access your PlaneTag whenever you want to admire or showcase it. The secure closure ensures that your aviation treasure remains protected, whether displayed or stored.
*Note: PlaneTags not included with PlaneTags Sleeve purchase.

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