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Cabeau TNE-S3 Neck Pillow - Sydney

The Neck's Evolution in travel comfort
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This pillow achieves our most comfortable and secure fit yet, featuring our new patented chin-strap technology - creating a fully-customizable fit, preventing head drops, neck kinks, and
keeping the spine in neutral alignment while wearing.

TNE S3 Core Innovations:

  • Innovative Chin + Head Support - Premium support ensures no droop, drool, or snoring
  • Slim Flattened Back - Keep your neck and spine aligned for maximum comfort
  • Seat Strap System - Ensure a snug, secure fit to prevent head drop


  • Premium Memory Foam Core - Soft, supportive cloud conforms to individual
  • Machine-Washable, Moisture-Wicking, Abrasion-Resistant Cover - Keeps neck dry, withstands travel and easily cleans to eliminate bacteria, dust-mites and odors
  • Travel Case + Earplugs Included - The Neck’s Evolution is a one stop shop for comfortable travel
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