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Plane Tag Boeing Delta 757-200 Series - Blue

Handmade Aviation Plane Tags resurrected from the skin of retired aircraft
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Delta welcomed its first 757 in November 1984, kicking off a 38 year relationship between the airline and the 757 that is still going strong today.

The Boeing 757-200 is a twin engine, narrow body airliner. The 757 made sense to Delta for many reasons, including its fuel efficiency and capabilities. Its modern wing design and engines provided better fuel mileage and allowed it to cruise at higher altitudes and take advantage of even better fuel economy. The 757 in some configurations could fit almost 40 more passengers than the 727s they were replacing and only required two pilots instead of three. The 757 became the backbone of Delta’s short to mid-range routes for many years, launching them through the competitive 1980s and 90s, into the millennium and beyond.

N627DL was built as a 757-232, and delivered to Delta in April 1987 as part of the airline’s original order of 116 -232 models. In 2007, Delta honored baseball legend Hank Aaron and his home run record by branding this 757 as “Hank Aaron 755”. The special livery depicted Aaron’s 715th historic home run which surpassed Babe Ruth’s record. “755” flew for Delta exclusively throughout its 30 year career until retirement in June 2017.

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