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Constellation Model

Polished Aluminum
In stock

Sleek and powerful, Constellations set a number of speed and distance records, despite experiencing frequent motor problems which led to them being jokingly called the most reliable three engine aircraft. The plane’s elegant appearance was the result of no two bulkheads being the same shape. A design which has long since been superseded by cheaper, more pressure-change-resistant tube constructions.

- VINTAGE ANTIQUE AIRCRAFT - This sleek airplane replica has an elegance elongated appearance. Its vintage industrial design is inspired by the Lockheed's powerful L-1049, which roamed the skies in the 1950s. Though not the most reliable aircraft of its day, the Constellation featured a symmetrical slender body with matching bulkheads on either end.

- MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS - This accurate model airplane is made from flat and corrugated metal and given a vintage polished aluminum finish. A convenient stand is included, so you can show off this detailed miniature on your desk or bookshelf.

- DECORATIVE AIRCRAFT CENTERPIECE - A charming model aircraft with a rich history to add interest and heritage to your living room or home office.

Width (inch) - 29.6 / 4.5

Length (inch) - 27.2 / 8.5

Height (inch) - 5.1 / 10

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